Dutch mourning mh17


The land of wooden shoes and tulips is in a national state of mourning.

After long tormenting days of waiting; Today the unidentified bodies of our Dutch relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers and other fellow Dutchmen are “flown home” from the Ukraine.

Once again we are all reminded of how fragile life is. We are all reminded that what happened to the victims of the MH17 plane, could have happened to any of us. How unexpected death can be. How foolishness can cost hundreds, thousands of lives everyday. And for what?

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about what happened to the  plane. There is a lot of anger and sadness. It is hot and sunny, but the streets are so quiet that you could hear a needle drop. Almost every household here has it’s TV tuned into the news; where we all get to see the still nameless coffins being carried out of the airplanes.

List of casualties of MH17

Who ever is responsible will pay, according to Prime Minister Mark Rutte. For the first time in his career, I actually have respect for the way he handled the situation. Despite the fact that it took almost a week to be able to get our dead flown to the land of wooden shoes. But the first focus is to have our dead beloved fellow Dutch and other people who were on that plane identified…

May God give those left behind comfort and strength during these days of mourning.

RIP to the victims of mh17.


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