Tropical weather in the land of wooden shoes?

Hooray for summer break; with the bored children terrorizing the neighborhood with their loud screeching and the annoying bugs that invite themselves to hang out around your salad.

We had no real winter and the summer kicked in with a stutter here in the land of wooden shoes and tulips. But the weather forecasts have warned that the upcoming days are going to be of a tropical climate.

I’ve finished my medical treatment yesterday. No more popping pills. And next week I’ll see the doctor again, so he can see my progress. I must say I can’t really tell myself whether I’ve progressed or not. I still feel the same, look the same. Haven’t turned blue, so that’s good. Just got to stay away from the sun as much as possible. Which is going to be a piece of pie with this nice and hot sunny weather…

It’s so friggin hot…. Good thing I always keep my fridge stuffed with lots and loads of frozen smurfs and cheap Ben&Jerry’s frosted yoghurt rip offs. My rabbits are being taken care of as well. Each rabbit has its own private air blower. You should see them; chilling out in the cool breezes of this electronic wind maker.

I think I’m going to treat myself on some coffee with a frozen smurf now, and chill out with my rabbits in the cool breezes of the electronic wind maker.

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