Another awesome day in the life of… me

Hello my dear lurking friends! How have you been???!

Well, it is nice and sunny outside right now! Summer is slowly kicking in here in the land of wooden shoes. And I for one sure love the sun!

Yet why I am I inside typing away on this blog, you ask? Well…Since Monday I’m on medication. Yup, medication. And the doctor warned me to avoid the sun as much as possible throughout the day, while using this medication. One of the side effects, is apparently that my skin could turn a strange shade of blue gray if sunlight would touch my skin. And although I actually don’t mind looking like a smurf, but after I saw a few rather disturbing pictures of the side effects I guess keeping myself locked indoors isn’t too bad…

I’m supposed to take this medication throughout the entire summer… So while everyone’s out there getting a tan and having fun in the sun, I’ll just stay in throughout the day and maybe come out at night, like a pale friggin vampire. Hooray…


Things have been quite hectic ever since I got promoted to assistant worship leader. I’ve been performing every single Sunday, have band practice every Friday and sometimes Thursday as well. When the Sunday service is over, the day after I have to think of songs to sing for the next Sunday service. Which is a task I don’t take lightly and it’s quite neat to do. Working for God is awesome 🙂

To think that I used to feel a strong disgust towards church meetings. I had seen so many churches from the inside and was tired of what I had seen there. Yet now I am an active member of a church. I am even responsible for the first part of every single Sunday service. It’s funny how things can change just like that. God is funny like that 🙂

But the people from this Indonesian church I go to now are soooo normal. They are soooo human. They are anything but perfect, but they  are the sweetest people I’ve ever met. They can give you the feeling that you are part of the family, even though you’ve just met them a second ago. And not in a freaky cult kind of way. Just in a very friendly, warm, open hearted kind of way.

In less than two weeks from now, my church will celebrate it’s 12 year anniversary! They plan to throw a big party, with about 300 visitors. Two special guest preachers from Jakarta Indonesin are coming too, for this special celebration. And it wouldn’t be an Indonesian party without food. Because of course there is going to be loads and loads of food!

And guess who is asked to perform a solo accompanied with a choir during this special event? Little old me. I’m so excited 😀

Well.. That’s all for now. I think I’m going to carry Mashimaro around for the rest of the day and watch some Simpsons reruns.

Have a good one.

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