Expect the unexpected

Yesterday was quite a full day. In fact, all my Sundays in the passed few months have been quite full.

This is because yours truly appears to be singing in the choir of a small church. And since a month ago, I’ve been promoted to “Assitant Worship Leader” . So every other week, I have to lead the choir and the church into worshipping God….

When I was a little girl I wanted to sing – like all the little boys and girls do. And I tried whatever to fullfill that dream. As a teenager I started a girlband with some relatives and performed at school parties. In my tweens I joined a church choir. By the time I had passed my mid twenties I had tried out for all sorts of talentshows and invested in vocal lessons.

My life was quite a mess and nothing really serious ever came from my desire to sing. At one point I kind of gave up. I couldn’t picture myself on a stage anymore. I couldn’t picture myself performing infront of a crowd. And comforted myself with the thought that I could just sing by myself in the shower and sing for God in my quiet time. Which is quite fullfilling on it’s own.

Years went by. And then I attended a christmas service at a small church in Amsterdam in 2013. My mother was visiting this church for a few years now and always tried to invite me to come too. But I never felt the need to go, I had been quite dissapointed in churches all together. Until that one christmas service. The people were warm and friendly. And I had a few interesting conversations there, but I never mentioned anything to anyone there about my desire to sing.

Yet somehow the next day, I was requested to perform a solo song on the 1st day of the new year in their church. For some reason I said yes.

Then it was the 1st of January, 2014. And it appears they loved it, because right after my performance they asked me to join their choir. Months went by and now I’m Assistant Worship Leader.

I have no idea why they think I am suitable for all of this. I’m anything but perfect! I’m a cynicle moody 30-yr-old that still has to show her ID whenever she wants to purchase a bottle of wine… I’m clumbsy, I stutter whenever I have to talk in between songs during a Sunday service and I tend to forget names of Pastors. But I do learn a lot from this experience and it is flattering to know that the church wants to give me this chance.

I guess it’s true that when you least expect things to happen, that’s when God gives us the unexpected.

God is good.

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