Having A Blue Monday?

OMG… I messed up the layout of my “fabulous” *ahum* site. And I know I could change it again but oh frack, never mind. This will do for now. New year, new layout – why the heck not, right?

Anyways. WAZZAP?!!?

Aparently today is a blue Monday. At least, that’s what the commercials on Comedy Central kept telling me for the passed two weeks; to beware of the most depressing Monday of the year. So we should all just watch Comedy Central to cheer us op. **rolls eyes**

What a load of bull. This is a Monday like any other; most of the time it sucks because you just hoped the week would somehow start different than the first. Because you hate your job, you hate your house, you hate your  life and you hate the relatives and the spouse that you have to share your hateful life with. Well guess what? Some people don’t have a job, some don’t even have a house nor relatives or a spouse to share their hateful lives with. So stop bitching.

To be fair; it’s not just Mondays that suck. Every single day sucks the life out of you, whether you are employed or unemployed, whether you’re taken or single and whether you’re in a coma or just mindlessly going along the reoccuring boring drama that is your life.

On the bright side; Life goes on, days go by faster than a fart and before you know it you’re no longer alive and bitching. One glorious day you will be dead and stinking. And this might happen sooner than you think.

So who gives a frack that it’s another Monday? Be happy you have another day to try and mess it up again! Mess it up, like I messed up this horrendous layout.  Every day we should at least try to try something new, or retry something old. Here, play Happy Wheels. Maybe that’ll cheer up your day. Or what the heck: Stare at random silly videos, like this strange old skool video from the 90’s and laugh at yourself. Cause you know what? This day is almost over anyway.

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