I’m a music junky

DV020_Jpg_Jumbo_430813Wazzap? I’m just chilling here with my brand new Sennheiser HD205 headphones on.

I’m a music junky in need of my fix every day, all the day long. So these new headphones of mine are sure gonna be used A LOT.

I was in real need of new headphones man, my old Skullcandy headphones died on me (months after the warranty expired, nice huh?). And my crappy computer speakers only fulfill my need for music till a certain degree.  I’ll spare you a rant about the crappy quality sound that comes from my stone aged TV…

So yes, I am moooooooooooore than overjoyed with joyness with my new headphones. With the Sennheiser I can hear every detail of a song now and that my dear lurking friend is such a indescribable rush. Gives me goosebumps, seriously.

To quench my thirst for music with my new headphones, I figured to scroll around Youtube for something funky. And then I remembered this amazing vocal harmony/beatbox group, Pentatonix. I think they were nominated for a Youtube Award or something, not sure though, don’t care either.


These guys from Pentatonix show that you don’t need to be able to play an instrument to make a fancy tune. All it really takes is creativity and the power of vocal harmony. I’m really loving the aqua blue lenses they are wearing in this video btw.

2 thoughts on “I’m a music junky

  1. Yes. Music is a drug! Totally agree on that. Have you ever heard of the band Alice in Chains? They were awesome in the 90’s. If you heart music as you say, you will love their sound.

    1. Gee, thanks for the tip. I know the band, they were indeed awesome back then. And I still like to give them a spin every once in a while these days 🙂

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