Marshall Mathers LP 2 on Spotify

Incase you do have daily activities and weren’t able to stay up for the Youtube Award Show last Sunday night, here’s my short point of view of it:

The show was chaotic and seemed just as disjointed as the insides of my ADD brain. You ever logged onto the bad part of Youtube? You know, the part where you end up watching the weirdest videos ever created and for some reason can’t just push the stop button? Weird videos, like this Japanese movie of a guy pulling midget aliens out of his armpits? I’ll give you a few seconds to imagine that.


*waits some more*

*waits a lil more*

Ready? OK. Did you feel the awkwardness while you imagined a Japanese guy pulling out an alien from his armpit? Feel the WTF rising up within you as you visualize this? Well, that’s how it felt like to me while I was watching the entire Youtube Awards Show last Sunday Night. Just awkward. Not saying it was all bad. I did think it was quite entertaining to see some K-Pop from Seoul, Russian rappers and Conor Maynard. That was alright. But most of it was just awkward.

The definite highlight of the show was Eminem performing Rap God live and winning the award for Artist of the Year.

Speaking of Eminem, ever since I got my claws on his new album last night I just cannot help but play the album OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER. It is SO good, I love every song. It is DEFINATELY worthy of its title, it’s just as massive as the Marshall Mathers LP from 2000.  Even my rabbits like it; I’ve been playing the album on the loudest volume my cheap speaker set can handle for a few hours now and neither Mashimaro nor Droppie have been spazzing about it: the both of them just sit chilled out as if they too are enjoying every single note of the Marshal Mathers LP 2 album. It was sooo totally worth staying up all night for just to be able to fetch it off the net [legaly] 😀

OMG, I am IN  LOVE with this album. Still doubting whether you should get your paws on Eminem’s latest outburst of awesomeness? Well, then go check it out on Spotify:

3 thoughts on “Marshall Mathers LP 2 on Spotify

  1. Eminem’s fake. He moves his mouth like a fucking goldfish because of all the plastic surgery. This white potatoe dissess other people for being plastic and fake while he himself is doing the same. Hypocrite bastard. And his new album is nothing more than a midlife crisis!

  2. What a generous thing of you, to share Eminem’s new album like this. Is he paying you for this? Cause he should…

    Your site is nice. Still have a bit trouble to try and find my way around here though. But it is nicer than last time. You improve. Good for you!!

    1. Just a fan here, sharing free music whenever possible. His album rocks and everyone should get the chance to hear it!

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