Music award shows and other crap…

The passed few weeks the Dutch television is being overshowered with commercials for this lame ass TV station called MTV… It is SO annoying. I mean, who gives a rats rectum about MTV these days? Who watches MTV these days?

I mean, seriously here: Who gives a flying frack about the fact that that MTV Europe is throwing another Award Show Party this upcoming 11th November, in mothafrackin AMSTERDAM!? Who cares, except for a bunch of frackin 13-year-old kids? *scratches back of ear*

Well, ehm… To be honest… Once my disfunctioning brain finally processed the idea of the Mindless Awards show being held only 30 minutes away from me, I did squeal like the little black pig I am in excitement for a second.  Yep, I so contradict myself, I know. But I couldn’t help but wonder: What if my favorite musicians would attend the award ceremony? It be fracking awesome to crash the MTV in my PJ’s and finally get the chance to scare the living crap out of my favorite musicians in person? And otherwise it could just be a fun night out.

But another part of me is in doubt, because of the fact that I’m not much of a fan of MTV. The mayority of the musicians that attend the show are not on my favorite list either. So why bother? MTV sucks. Period.

They call themselves a music channel but never gave a damn about music. Which is fine. But they should just drop the name. With all the crappy so-called reality drama they air, they should just change the M from Music into Mindless. Then MTV would be:  Mindless TeleVision. Seriously. It would make more sense!


As a teenager I loved watching MTV, because it was all about my favorite musicians back then with nonstop videoclips and behind-the-music footage. It was awesome. And so because of the youth sentiment I secretly have with the old MTV, I did check their website to see whom I could vote for. Linkin Park is nominated for Best Stage Act, or whatever MTV titled that section. And Eminem is nominated for Best Hip Hop. So I’ve done my share when it comes to rooting for my personal favorites.

Then I can’t help but ask myself all these questions. Should I go to Amsterdam for the Awards Show or should I just watch the award show on TV?  What if I don’t get to troll me favorite musicians, simply because they aren’t attending the party? It is most likely that the whole MTV thing will be a waste of time and yet I can’t help but feel intrigued about it. It’s soooo annoying!

I could just stay home with and watch the disaster with my fat rabbits on my lap. Then me and my fat rabbits can laugh at all the lame ass, fake ass so-called musicians, prancing around at the award show. Seems like less of an effort. Or would that be pet abuse? Since then, the poor little fuzzballs are forced to watch that crap too? Could I torment my little critters like that?

Speaking of tormenting choices, there’s this contest by Indaba and for some reason I enrolled myself for another contest again… I have no idea why I am doing this again. I might just observe the contest on the background. Not sure yet…

So I’ll just have to think about it all some more…  *yawns*


Moving on…

The overrated MTV isn’t the only one throwing an award show. Cause on the 3rd of November (which is tomorrow already), Youtube is having an award show party too. Watch the video above to see co-host of the Youtube Awards Show Reggie Watts explain what it is all about,

The Youtube Awards Show has award categories like Artist Of The Year (Eminem is nominated *whoot*), Video Of The Year (Voting for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), Innovation of the Year, Response of the Year, YouTube Breakthrough, YouTube Phenomenon and more. It promises to be something interesting.

Of course I am sceptic still and can’t help but think “This is gonna be just as awesome as Google Plus… NOT”. Yeah, I’m a cynical bastardette by nature, with flashes of hyperactive positivity every now and then.

Totally off topic here, but I’m having myself some hot chocolate with a cheap version of Baileys I found at the discount store and I swear, it is to die for. You should definately try it!  Anyways… Trying not to drift off here. So what was I rambling about? Oh yes… Award Shows… So, ehm…

Despite of my natural desire to be cynical about Youtube’s step to join other all the other big entertainment tycoons like the Grammy’s and MTV with an award frenzy… (I think both of those “well-known massive award shows suck, btw) I am also curious about Sunday’s webcast. Since I did not plan to leave the house tomorrow and probably will be wandering through the channels of Youtube anyways, I might as well take a peak at their Award Show. Who knows, it might just be entertaining enough…

Unless my old Pentium 4 decides it rather wants to reboot and clean itself. I’ve had that happen during other mayor live-stream events. For some reason my crappy old computer doesn’t want to be bothered with too much crap… Go figure.


What I do like about the Youtube Award Show is the thought of casting your vote simply by sharing a video that appeals you the most. Sharing a random funny or cool music video is almost second nature anyways. Yeah man, I’ll be bombarding Twitter with my faves in a few minutes after I’ve finished this blog entry, that’s for sure. But first I’ll refill my hot chocolate with some more cheap Baileys. And try out some more of that Recharged crap I downloaded a few days ago…

But for now, I will empty my bowels and leave you with these two epic Youtube phenomenons:

One thought on “Music award shows and other crap…

  1. So did you get to see the EMA’s? I think the show was rigged cause all the wrong artist won. Except for Eminem.

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