A conversation with the Bestest Friend

Having a personal relationship with The Creator is important to me. He is the most important person in my life. A good personal relationship doesn’t work without communication. That’s why I personally find prayer and worship the most important activity in my day-to-day routine. That, and caring for my furry rabbits. Praying brings the spirit at … More A conversation with the Bestest Friend

It’s Friday

*whoot whoot* How are you spending your Friday night? Well, since I’m broke as frack, I am just sitting at home with my rabbits and watching another disgusting episode of Tosh.O… And I have absolutely no idea why I am watching this crap… So here are some random FOREVER ALONE MEMES to fill up this … More It’s Friday

Slightly different

Those who lurk this blog from time to time might notice that I’ve slightly changed the color scheme. After months of having this horrid dark plummish color, I figured it was time for a brighter color; and what is brighter than white? I’ve also updated the Tasties section and the Creative Outbursts section a bit. … More Slightly different