Spotify Playlist: Eclectic Christian

Good morning! Is the sun shining for you as well? Here in my little cold country we surprisingly still are blessed with sunrays. I love it mucho grande 🙂

You know whatelse I love? I love Spotify. I’ve got one of my many spotify playlists installed in the right corner of this blog. I’ve infected some of my friends to use Spotify as well. I love how you can just use the Spotify Web Player these days, too. So that even when you’re at work or behind a computer that hasn’t got Spotify installed, you can still log in and access your account and hear your favorite tunes. And I have the Spotify app installed on my phone, for when I’m traveling and don’t feel like hearing some random teenaged kids scream in the back of the bus.

I love Spotify. It’s because I love music. All sorts of music. And I love making playlists. I’ve got way too many playlists on Spotify already, but who’s counting?

Anywayz… Below I’ve got my Eclectic Christian playlist for you to listen to, if you like. Of course The Listening and Newsboys are in this list, because I think they are awesome. Check it out:

One thought on “Spotify Playlist: Eclectic Christian

  1. Take slow deep breaths. Music; it can have valuable psychological applications, including extremely creative

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