A random Saturday afternoon

droppie20130928_120836Had to bathe Queen Droppie again.  I think I’ve written about this subject in passed blog entrees, but hey; my rabbits are my life so…

(Whaddup FOREVER ALONE cat lady?!! Here comes bunny lady :P)

Anyways; I bathe her once to twice a month. Her, and her sister Mashimaro.

I don’t literally put the rabbit in the tub with water though, like you would do with a dog. Rabbits aren’t supposed to become wet. They wash themselves with their mouths and their own drool is of course not comparable with plain tab water. And they have this substains on their skin, underneath their fur, and if you’d wash that off with water they’d get sick very easily.

So instead, I cover my couch with cut up garbage bags and a huge piece of leather. (My couch is made of velvet). Then I put on my old worker outfit, also with a garbage bag dress to cover it. And then I fill a square tub with water and soke a washing cloth in it. I also put some rubber gloves and Udden Cream ready for use later on.  And then I take Droppie, and put her on my lap like you would hold a small baby and “bathe” her, to then blow dry her and afterwards rub some udden cream on her sore little butt. Queen Droppie loves the last part of the bathing session.

Why I bathe her? Well, she can’t clean her own butt because she’s too fat. So to that’s why I bathe her. No idea why she is this fat, it’s not like we give her too much food nor that she doesn’t have enough space to move around in. (She has like, a half a bedroom (that’s 4×4) to run around in.

I do think that eversince her mom died of cancer last year (poor Snoopie :() that she’s gotten a lil down from that. She was always with her mom and even though she has a stuffed animal now and I do overshower her with cuddles and attention, it’s of course not the same.

And unfortunately Queen Droppie and Queen Mashimaro don’t get along at all *sigh* At least, not when I’m not sitting in between… I guess everyone has their own family issues, even rabbits.


Anyways… I better hit the shower now and try to catch some sunrays. It is actually sunny here in this lil froggy country.


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