Another visit from Patty Mary Sue

For some reason I feel completely uninspired and lack the motivation to do whatever. Hooray for Patty Mary Sue to drain out the will to do anything.

She literally paralyzed me all day with this excruciating pain. Somehow it kind of feels like my ovaries and uterus are having a seizure while trying to cut their way out of my stomach with large sharp objects. Thank goodness PMS only sticks around for 3 to 4 days a month.

Gosh I am in need of a good bottle of wine and a cigarette. And I’m craving fried chicken… Lots of it. And cheese. And chocolate. I also feel like slapping someone very hard with a spoon. Yes, with a spoon.

I was wondering why I felt like bitch slapping the pastor yesterday during the Sunday Service. Wasn’t sure whether it was because of his remark to motivate everyone to pay their offerings (i.e.: give money to the church) or if the announcement of Patty Mary Sue’s arrival got me upset.

God is everything to me. It’s just His ground control that I have a problem with. And I am trying very hard to overcome this revulsion to churches and their regulars. Some are the sweetest people you will ever meet. Some are fake, stuck up and presumptuous. They are like actors who use the church as their stage. Pretending to be glorified and looking down on others, only to cover up the fact that deep down they are insecure and hope to make you feel insecure with them.

Nobody’s perfect, we all have our personal battles and I for one don’t claim to be better than the next person. But what I have become allergic for, are all these self-proclaimed Pastors and the so-called “prophets” of today that lure the blind sheep with their mumbo jumbo.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of good Pastors out there who have a good message to share. What I just can’t stand is when a Pastor says stuff like “Those who can’t bring their offerings don’t deserve to be prayed for”. I make it no secret; I am broke as frack and when I spend my last 2 bucks on a bus ticket to be able to attend a Sunday Service the last thing I want to hear is some money hungry pastor trying to manipulate the crowd into cashing in!

There are people out there who have anorexic wallets and can barely pay their rent or feed their children. And you dare to come with a phrase like “Those who won’t bring their offering don’t deserve to be prayed for”?! So only those with money deserve to be blessed? People who think like that shouldn’t be placed on a stage to preach the gospel.

It reminds me of this other money-grubbing fake prophet named Benny Hinn, who I have seen screaming at a conference a few years ago: “Give me 1000 bucks and God will bless you”. Benny Hinn also claims that he can heal the sick and to have had several visions, none of them came true. Attending his conference sure is something else…

God is not for sale, His blessings cannot be bought and prayer shouldn’t be price tagged. I am all for sharing and giving to others and all that but God looks beyond the wallet. If only His ground control would too…

It is because of things like this (and many other reasons which I’ll leave unmentioned for now…) that I prefer to pray in the comfort of my own home.

Anywayz… I don’t want to nag about church anymore. I do want to attend the next Sunday Service, despite the fact that I am annoyed by one of the Pastors right now. I’ll get over it just like I will devour this entire box of chocolates that are calling my name right now.

So… Moving on… To something else…. Let’s see…. Uhm…

Last week I downloaded all seasons of Batman TAS (The Animated Series), the incredible cartoon from the late 90’s. And I’ve also downloaded Batman Beyond. I loved the cartoon series as a kid and I just keep feeling insulted whenever I see a live action remake of it.  I don’t know why I watched the Christian Bale version again the other week: His Donald Duck voice annoys the frack out of me. Which is a shame cause he isn’t too bad to look at and his acting skills aren’t completely awful. It’s been said that Christian Bale is asked to star as Batman again and I really hope he will ditch the crappy Donald Duck voice in future Batman movies….


Well… There are no chocolates left. Guess I better go chew on some carrots and have myself a Batman marathon now until I reach a comatose state.

Oh… Before I go. Here’s a random funny cartoon I stumbled upon on Youtube… Enjoy. Good day. Good nite. Bye now.

8 thoughts on “Another visit from Patty Mary Sue

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