Eminem – Survival (Feat Liz Rodrigues)

Couldn’t sleep. So of course I strolled around the world wide web like any other modern geek does. And guess what I stumbled upon? Eminem’s new single, so it appears. It will apparently be listenable on the upcoming Call of Duty game. Now I don’t give a flying donkey’s ass for Call of Duty, but I sure missed this guy spitting in the mic. Can’t wait for his album to drop in the fall. Shady’s back again 😀

*whoot whoot* My wacky music collection just keeps expanding and the suspense is killing me to add Eminem’s latest stuff to the list to torture my neighbors with. Nothing beats a nice mix of Backstreet Boys followed by Linkin Park with some friggin’ Eminem in between and then some lovely TROLOLO and some weird ass Dutch songs on the side (just to name some).

Anywayz… I’m done here. I’m gonna go and play some more Candy Crush or something until my eyes feel sore.

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