I’m a friggin shoe-a-holic

Like many ladies out there, I’ve got a soft spot for shoes. It’s not even a soft spot anymore, it’s more like an addiction really. A very pleasant addiction, that is.

I’m sure I’ll never make the Guinness Book of Records with my collection of shoes, but when you enter my hallway the first thing you’ll see are the rows and rows of shoes I own. Some are neatly stacked away in special shoe closets, but I think with the rate I’m going now when it comes to collecting shoes, I will be needing a small room. A lil walk in closet just with shoes would be nice.

And then I haven’t even mentioned the shoes in the shed. There’s two boxes in there, filled with shoes.

Just like with my cigarettes addiction, I really try to cut back with the shoes now. These days I try to smoke 4 to 5 cigarettes to the max a day. Considering the fact that I used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day (which is about 40 cigarettes in a day), I do think I’ve improved from there.

And back in the day I used to buy a whole lot more shoes too. Like, I had to buy a new pair whenever I entered a shoe store. There was always an excuse to buy the pair of shoes.

What kind of helps these days, is that I am broke as frack most the time. Honestly, it really helps reconsidering a certain purchase. Window shopping kind of eases the pressure a little, too. To just walk into the store, trying on the shoes that make my heart rating rise up to a neurotic state, to then leave without purchasing the shoe yet and giving myself at least another week or two to think about the lovely shoe of desire. The lovely shoe that is just screaming my name, begging for a spot in my shoe closet.

But last week was a tough week. I needed something to cheer me up. And how foolish it may sound, new shoes sure can cheer a girl up 😛 Last week I had a breaking point. Last week I bought myself 3 new pair of shoes. And they walk heavenly!

Heels, I love heels. And I love sneakers too! And now that the weather is finally clearing up, a nice pair of flip-flops are a must-have! By far from all the shoes out there, I sure have a weakness for sneaker pumps. So I got myself a pair of those, some black basic fake all-stars and some classy black heels to go with it. That way I’m covered for any occasion. They were all on sale and what-the-heck, shoes for 15 bucks is quite cheap, isn’t it? I couldn’t ignore an offer like that, now could I? Nope, I couldn’t. So what if I already have shoes that kind of look like the ones I already own!

One time my best friend pulled this really mean prank on me. I had to babysit her kid because she had this appointment down town. It had been raining a lot and my back-then favorite boots literally fell apart. I had been walking on them for far too long. So I asked my best friend if she could go passed my house and take along another pair of shoes for me on her way back. Later that day when she came back, she walked into the house with no bag or anything. So I got a little nervous. “Did you pick up my shoes?!” I asked. She gasped, yelping as she ran to the hallway “Oh shit! I lost them in the bus, I’m so sorry!” 

You have no idea how I was freaking out right then! For real; It felt like I was having a seizure or something, ’cause I started hyperventilating and tried very hard not to black-out and cuss her out.For  I was so worried about my shoes being all alone on the bus. But then my best friend laughed; “Wow, I know you love your shoes, but this is a serious problem. Don’t worry though, your precious shoes are in the hallway…” God! She sure as hell had me there. It did make me think about my shoe addiction some more. But I was very relieved that my lovely shoes were safely in the hallway, and not in the bus.

I pulled the same prank on her a week later with a box of tobacco, when she was sick at home and asked me to rush to the store before it closed to fetch her some groceries. When I returned from the store I of course had all the needed groceries, except for her box of tobacco (which I had hidden in the shoe closet in the hallway). She was going through the exact same stages I went through when she pretended to have lost my shoes in the bus. It’s funny how the mind of an addict works; the moment you realize your addicting object isn’t nearby (whether it be shoes or a cigarette, or whatever), people tend to freak out. I sure had a good laugh 😛


Tomorrow I’m going window shopping again. I am going to try to avoid the shoe stores for now. I’ll try really harder than last time. And I should reconsider these “tips” that kind of worked for me to not spend too much on shoes in the past;


  • Leave debit cards and credit cards at home. Take along 20 bucks max to make sure you don’t overspend.
  • Take a friend with you to go shopping with you. Tell them you don’t want to overspend.
  • When you see a shoe of desire, try them on and then put them back. Stay away from the specific shoe store for a month. If the shoes are still there and give you the same desirable feeling you had a month ago, and if they are affordable (you only have 20 bucks with you anyway), you could buy them. If the shoes are out of stock, it’s just not meant to be.
  • Spend a day with your shoe collection, fitting every single pair of shoes you own with the outfits you have. Some shoes might not even look good with your collection of clothes anymore. Those shoes can be put away; sell them on the internet or check out the shoe stores, sometimes they offer discount coupons in exchange for old shoes.
  • Avoid shoe stores all together, unless you have to buy a new pair of shoes because your old ones are in really bad shape.

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