Fable Anniversary for Xbox 360

My heart skipped a beat and I am wiping away the tears of joy, for Lionhead is coming with the best gift this gamer could ever want; more Fable for the Xbox 360!

It’s been nearly a decade ago since I’ve become addicted to the original Fable on the Xbox Classic, with its wonderful graphics, wonderful jokes and the alluring world of Albion with its fantastic inhabitants and monstrosities. And lets not forget the hero of the game and his magical weapons, and the way the entire story progresses while you make choices between good and evil and… The chicken kicking! Aaaah…. I love Fable 1 😀 Yup, I’m pretty much a fan 🙂

Fable 1 is to my opinion still BOSS compared to Fable 2 and 3. I for one cannot wait for the resculpted version of this game for the Xbox 360. Giving this dissapointed-in-Xbox-One gamer another reason why to just stick to Xbox 360 😛 Words cannot express the excitement I am feeling right now!

Just read this:

“We’re really excited to bring ‘Fable’ to Xbox 360,” said Ted Timmins, Lead Designer on “Fable Anniversary.” “It’s the game that the ‘Fable’ community has been asking for, so we wanted to make sure ‘Fable Anniversary’ delivered the definitive ‘Fable’ experience for both long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise.”

In “Fable Anniversary,” you play as The Hero, an orphan whose destiny you shape through in-game decisions that influence not only his development as a hero, but the fate of the entire realm.  In addition to “Fable’s” original storyline, “Fable: Anniversary” includes the expansion pack, “Fable: The Lost Chapters.”

“Fable Anniversary” launches only on Xbox 360 this holiday season. To learn more about “Fable Anniversary,” including SmartGlass support and how “Fable” almost featured kicking monkeys instead of chickens, listen to Major Nelson’s full podcast interview with Ted Timmins.

Now, if you’ll excuse me; I have to drool some more over my xbox controller while slapping some Hobs and villagers with an axe and kicking a bunch of chickens around.

2 thoughts on “Fable Anniversary for Xbox 360

  1. Fable is a fun game. I’m not sure whether I like a remake, though. Some things should be left untouched in my opinion….

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