Bye Queen, hey King

It is Monday the 29th of April. Tonight we in The Netherlands will have our last Queen’s Night and tomorrow will be our last Queen’s Day Celebration. Traditionally, throughout the country there will be people selling their junk on the streets on these days, accompanied with lots of orange colored snacks and drinks, live music and games. The streets will be packed with people dressed in orange, getting wasted and having a good time. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam before; during this time of year it is extra crazy there.

The Queen normally visits a town each year, to celebrate the event with. But since the Queen will abdicate and her son will take over the throne, things will be done differently this year.

Today Queen Beatrix will address the Dutch nation for the last time, reflecting on her 33 years on the throne. Her speech will be aired live on national television and radio at 20.30. Later in the evening, the Queen will host a farewell dinner in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Foreign guests will accompany her during this get-together and will stick around for the crowning of Queen Beatrix’ son and daughter-inlow, King-to-be Willem-Alexander and  Queen-to-be Maxima.

Dutch television will be broadcasting 14 hours of live coverage of tomorrow’s events: Which starts with the Queen signing the instrument of abdication between 10.oo and 10:30 in the morning in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. At that moment, Willem-Alexander and Maxima will officially become King and Queen of The Netherlands. The old and new monarch will then appear together on the palace balcony, overlooking the Dam Square.

The party doesn’t end there. The new King and Queen will also go to the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam and do a whole lot of tradition and official stuff. After the all of that, Willem-Alexander and Máxima will do a boat tour on the IJ so even more people can admire the royal couple.

This lil’ Royal party won’t be too cheap: The inauguration alone is costing the government 5 million euros, excluding security measures… But that’s not all! The city of Amsterdam is spending another 7 million euros on the event. Police will deploy 6,000 officers, 3,500 brought in from other parts of the country, to make sure things won’t get out of hand.

Some people are scared for a big riot tomorrow in Amsterdam. Not all the Dutchies are too happy about the Royal Family. There are some of us Dutchies who think the whole thing is a waste of taxes, some think it’s old-fashioned to live in a Monarch in this modern world. Hell, when Queen Beatrix was crowned 33 years ago things got way out of hand too.. It’s almost a tradition to riot during events like these.

There are others though, who can’t help but feel nostalgic towards the Dutch Royalties. Because they have been representing for The Netherlands for centuries. They are like the wallpaper you’ve grown accustomed to throughout the years….

To say that today and tomorrow will be interesting for us Dutchies is an understatement. These events are historical. Meanwhile my mom, my sis and I are going to celebrate this year’s last Queen’s Day and Queen’s night as simple as possible. We will have a stroll downtown later on tonight, to check the junk people are selling on the streets. But most of the time we will be having orange snacks while watching the entire event on TV.

Thanks Queenie

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