Pinky Elefant’s Monday Post

Hello dear reader,

Have you enjoyed your weekend much? Well, I most certainly have!

I’ve become quite the family elephant now with 2 little ones hopping around. Eggnogg is growing so fast and Dumpling loves to be the bigger older sibling.

Now that Dumpling is getting older her skin is finally becoming pink too. She starts to look more and more like my lovely spouse now. Before I know it I will have to guard her like a cop and have a baseball bat ready at all times. I already do, actually.

elephant-showThis weekend I had another wonderful time with the spouse and the kids.

Saturday evening Dumpling had a school play. The school kids had prepared songs and dance routines for weeks and weeks. My poor little one had been nervous all day. But Dumpling did just marvelous. The show was a blast! My spouse and little Eggnogg enjoyed it very much.

At the end of the school play every kid who performed that evening could take a parent on stage with them. My spouse and Eggnogg both kept pointing at me and before I knew it, Dumpling had pulled me on stage. And so I ended up doing some dancing that evening as well.

Sunday we had such a lovely weather. It was so lovely, me and the spouse and the little ones decided to do some outdoor activities with the kids in the afternoon. We’ve played some soccer and went skateboarding together at the park. Afterwards we had ourselves a nice peanut butter ice-cream to cool off.

elephant-tv0Completely worn out from all the action, we decided to spend the rest of our Sunday evening on the couch with a nice movie with some snacks and a nice cool beverage. My spouse had dug up a bunch of classic Disney movies to watch together. Dumpling and Eggnogg sure loved watching Lady And The Tramp! If it were up to them we had to watch it over and over.

For some reason they didn’t like Dumbo as much, though. They thought the circus scenes were quite scary.

Ah yes, my weekend sure was lovely. I’ve enjoyed myself very much indeed. Life is peanut butter good and we should appreciate every single moment we have!



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