Dutch Fantasy Fair

In a few hours from now my sister and I will meet up with a few friends to visit Elfia: Dutch Fantasy Fair at Castle De Haar. The website promises it to be an interesting event filled with lots of fantasy elements: Activities like workshops, costume parades, LARP matches and shows. Some people have already submitted pictures of the costumes they have created to wear. They all look pretty amazing!  Sure am looking forward to stroll around there at the castle.

It’s silly, but I am still wondering what to wear to the fair myself. I either want to wear a dress or these funky boots and a leather-look corset. Sure hope the weather will be good tomorrow. Some sun would be nice and no rain would be even better. Most of the activities at the Fantasy Fair will be outdoors, so…

My sis and I did manage to get our hands on a few glue-on elf ears to wear a few weeks ago. Am trying to make them fit but our ears aren’t that big. I’ve compared my ears with that of my friend’s 7 year old kid and discovered we have infact the same size ears!


So with the elf ears, I guess my sis and I could just pretend to be “modern elves” who traveled through time or something like that…

I’m a bit curious what my friend’s are going to wear… They were joking about dressing up like the Grim Reaper or something. Would be hysterical!

Well now, I better go and get ready to discover the land of Elfia with my sis and my friends. But first; a shower.

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