20 years of Backstreet Boys Mayhem :)

About 20 years ago when I was a little school girl I fell in love with these 5 amazing boys and their beautiful voices and dance moves. Soon my My little Pony wallpaper was replaced by Backstreet Boys posters. I’ve tormented neighbors, playing their music constantly as a teenager together with my sister. I remember how the entire junior high school I went to would be DESERTED whenever there was a Backstreet Boys concert, because all the girls at school were suffering from Backstreet Boys fever.

I remember how I’ve fought with girls claiming to be the future Miss Carter. I remember how I’ve  slept outside of the ticket sale booth along with my sister, just to make sure we could buy a concert ticket. To then sleep in front of the concert hall to make sure I’d have a secure spot somewhere in the front row. Yeah, I’ve sure done some crazy things just to see a glimpse of these guys.

After a while we all get a little older. My walls are no longer decorated with Backstreet Boys posters. I won’t sleep in front of a ticket sale booth anymore. (Why would I when I can order my ticket online :P) The boys are all married with children, except for Nick who is engaged and soon to be married with children. We’ve all matured, I guess 😛

I do play their music a lot, about  every day. And when I do, I think of all the wonderful and crazy things I’ve experienced thanks to their music. The Boys will always have a special place in my heart and that of the millions of Backstreet Boys fans out there.

And now, after 20 years of enriching the lives of many girls all over the world, Backstreet Boys will finally receive the recognition they deserve and have their own Hollywood Star at the Walk of Fame. This day just doesn’t get any better and I sure as hell envy all the fans who get to party with the Backstreet Boys in Hollywood!

Oh yeah, if you are unlucky like me and can’t be there in Hollywood with the Backstreet Boys; you can watch everything online. Just go here. (It’s not free, unfortunately)

Seriously though; Wow… I just can’t believe it’s been 20 years!  Time flies 🙂 May there be 20 more years filled with Backstreet Boys fun! Happy 20th anniversary to BSB and all the crazy fans out there!

Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive

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