Stickmen are cool

Stickmen are the coolest. I love them. Yep; I have a thing for stick figures. They amuse me. I consider them one of the highest forms of art ever produced by mankind. From the well known Hangman game to random comics and cartoons. Anything with stick figures puts a smile upon my face.  Stickmen are just so awesome!

So… In another rage of insomnia I was strolling the world-wide web again, like always… Aside from Fallout and Pokemon input, I somehow ended up googling for some interesting stick figure related websites. Which is actually obvious, because, like I said: Stickmen are cool.

And that’s when I stumbled upon this funny website that allows any creative soul out there to “create” your very own stick man cartoon. The website is called It’s lots of fun for all ages and sure kept me occupied for a while… You should check it out sometime!

BTW; I also stumbled upon this Hangman game and it is facking awesome. I’m IN LOVE with the background music of this game. It is so deep! So when you’re done with the drawastickman website, try this one too:

Aside from funny stickmen games there are also lots of fun and well crafted cartoons out there, with stick figures in them. So when you’re done drawing stick figures and playing hang man, feel free to enjoy this great collection of wonderful  stick man cartoons I found on youtube:

5 thoughts on “Stickmen are cool

  1. 0 is probably neck and neck with ” cruel and unethical”. Stickmen dying is neck and neck with ” fun “.

    I slap myself while dipping my crack in sour cream.

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