Ultimate Wannahaves List 03/2013

Window shopping is lots of fun when you’re broke as fuck. Why spend a dime, when you can just gawk at your object of desire for as long as you please? At least, until the shop closes or until some store clerk starts to bother you with the same question every 30 seconds; “Can I help you?” Which seriously surpasses the awkwardness after a while…

Aside from window shopping in real life stores, you can always stroll world-wide web shops and google any desired object you’d like to purchase. It’s less embarrassing to drool over the new Pokemon X & Y Game in your own home. It’s also less scary for the public; for some reason it just isn’t that cute anymore to drool over a “kids game” when you’re going 30…

Anywayz… Lately I’ve been looking for funky video game props, gadgets and cosplay weapons online. Here is a list I made of some funky gadgets I’ve seen online that have kept me gawking and drooling.

Ultimate Wannahaves

Funky Gadgets Top 5:

5. Pomegranate Phone

What got me curious about this phone at first was the shape, because it isn’t square or rectangular like the “hip” iPhones and other random smartphones of todays hype. This pomegranate phone can even pour a cup of coffee, that alone makes it better than any phone out there.

Unfortunately, this is just a “concept model” and God knows if someone will ever manage to actually manufacture it. But the thought of a phone that can do anything is nice, though.

4. Phone Watches

I can’t literally name a game right now with a watch phone in it, but I’m sure there are a few. Besides; these things are just awesome!

There are lots of variaties of the phone watch; Some come complete with wifi,  touch screen, camera and lots more handy functions. Aparently some even come with an OS like Android and the likes, making these things almost as cool as a pip boy. Almost…

I found this nifty looking watch phone on lightinthebox.com (they have lots of cool stuff there) and just can’t stop gawking at it.

3. Hi-Tech Projecting Eyewear

My Sims have a similar device; A strange looking sunglasses-like object that allows them to play video games right in front of their own eyes. I’ve always envied them for it, among other nifty Sim things.

But apparently it is possible to have your own hi tech projecting eyewear now. The Vuzix Wrap 1200VR sunglasses for instance will display a virtual screen that lets you connect and view your surroundings, access online content and even play video games.

Gosh, wandering through the Capital Wasteland with these things on would be quite the experience, I’m sure! Too bad they’re so ugly looking, though..

2. Computer Commanding Bracelets

How cool is that? A futuristic bracelet that allows you to interact with any computer, without having to touch it!

This device can be used to edit video games, phones and many other digital products. It uses bluetooth 4.0 technology to allow you to effortlessly interact with multiple devices.

Pretty neat, huh? OMG, I’m actually drooling here.

1. Pipboy 3000

For the nitwits out there; The Pip-Boy 3000 appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. This multifunction device displays the wearer’s stats, area maps, inventory, and item properties. It also provides the ability to fast travel, includes a Geiger counter, a radio and its screen doubles as a flashlight. (If only the fast travel function were optional in real life…)

Fuck iPhone and the likes: I want my own fucking Pipboy 3000, I want it so bad it hurts! This thing, along with the other stuff on this list combined would be my ultimate wannahave!

What hurts even more is that the Pip Boy Replica’s are rarely on sale and it’ll probably take a while before someone will actually manufacture more than one of these “actually working in real life” wonderful devices… 😦

I’ve seen “pip boys” made by the US army and they look even more hideous than the ones these Fallout fans made… Oh well, I better wander the Capital Wasteland some more, gawking the Pip Boy 3000 on my TV screen instead.

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  1. I read this paragraph fully regarding the comparison of hottest and preceding technologies, it’s awesome.

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