Change is good?

It’s said that it’s good to go out of your comfort zone every once in a while; To try new things. They say a change can do one good. I guess one could say that it sure makes life interesting when changes are made. The changes we have a hand in ourselves are quite acceptable, I guess. It’s something that just happens, some are even predictable and can’t be avoided anyway. The changes that ambush us and take us by surprise can be quite scary, though.

Good changes are new opportunities. Like moving to a new location, finding a new job or meeting new people. But again; they can be quite scary when you haven’t planned them out. It can make one feel quite nervous, really. Anxious, even. The trick is to not get overwhelmed by the anxiety. Which is, for some reason, quite tricky for me these days. Even the smallest changes make me a little twitchy. Is it because I’m getting older? Maybe…

For instance. I used to have noisy neighbors. The kind that liked to throw parties. Parties that were sometimes so loud that it sounded like they were about to break through the walls. And they were quite social; they knew pretty much everyone here in the hood. They had their off moments like everyone else does, but when it came down to it they were quite neighborly. You could ring their door for a cigarette or a cup of coffee and we were always welcome to attend  Unfortunately they had to move out due to unknown reasons. It had been quiet for about two months and I was actually starting to miss them.

Today I wanted to have a green smoke on the balcony and saw our new neighbor. It was awkward because I was so used to seeing my black neighbor for 15 years straight standing on his balcony right across from ours. Now there was some white guy standing there, smoking a cigar. Nothing wrong with that, just something to get used to, I guess.

From what I’ve seen so far he comes across as a nice guy. A typical student, who claims to work a lot and therefore isn’t home often. Which is great; I tend to be quite the noisy neighbor myself, tee-hee. Just hope this new neighbor isn’t the whiney kind…

Speaking of changes. I woke up on this Friday, wondering whether my sis and I should attend this L5 Records jam session or not. L5 Records is a local organization in my hometown. It used to be the place for us teens and tweens to hang out and jam with other music lovers. It was awesome back then.  Heck, we even did “school tours” with them in the days when I thought I was going to be a singer with my sis and my cousin… Performing Eminem songs and own material. And not the material comparable with my crappy Pink Elephant escapades… As a teenager I was much more creative than I am today… Cause we were just awesome back then. Memories I might bring up more detailed later, or not.

But it’s been ages since I’ve been to the jam sessions. It’s been years. I’m not a tween anymore. A lot has changed. If we go, we’d be tempted to do “One Step Closer” or “In The End” by Linkin Park. I was also thinking about doing Cab Calloway’s “Minnie the Moocher” or maybe just something silly like the Pokemon Theme Song. I don’t know yet….

My sister just called. Apparently we’re going? I better freshen up then… And step out of my comfort zone…

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