No beard no king?

With the Dutch Queen Beatrix retiring and passing her throne to her son, more and more people here in The Netherlands are wondering what kind of king Willem Alexander will be like.

Things are slightly changing, to prepare the country for a new ruler. We are going to have a new coin pressed with the head of Queen Beatrix and King-to-be Willem Alexander on it. We won’t be celebrating Queens day anymore, but Kings day instead. The royal website is going through some changes as well and throughout the country we won’t be having paintings of Queen Beatrix in our city halls offices, but that of King Willem Alexander instead.

I’ve read statements of King Willem Alexander, wanting to be more involved with things.  What does that mean, though? What changes will he bring? Will he tell Prime Minster Mark Rutte to piss off? I’m sure lots of Dutch people would root for the latter. Mark Rutte is a complete douche, seriously he is.

Aside from all sorts of political questions rising up, a lot of Dutch people right now are debating whether our new king-to-be would look more respectable with a beard. Prince Willem Alexander so far has never been spotted with a beard or goatee, not even a mustache!

The critics say that if our future king-to-be wants to be taken seriously, that he should follow his ancestors. There’s just something majestic about a man with a beard, let alone a king with a beard.

All throughout history, the kings we’ve known have had a beard. Just look at Dutch King Willem 3, who reigned from 1849 – 1890. And so it would only be logical for the future king to be of The Netherlands to grow himself one too. Then again, after King Willem 3, we’ve only had queens for a while. So we’ve had a beardless kingdom for over 100 years anyways.

I do think a beard would look great on future king Willem Alexander.


Then again, I have a thing for men with beards and goatees. Some say it makes a guy look evil. I say it makes a guy look more masculine, in other words VERY attractive XD For me it is not a necessity for a man to look buff. But for a man to sport a goatee is much appreciated. Seriously, it makes me weak in the knees. Goodness, gracious! Guys like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Depp, Kevin Richardson and Mike Shinoda (to name a few) just looks so good with a scruffy goatee or beard *quivers in pants*

There’s now a campaign called “No Beard No King”  going, with a facebook page and everything… They are photoshopping pictures of Willem Alexander, with several different kinds of beards and goatees. All in the hopes to inspire the future Dutch King of The Netherlands to grow himself a beard.

The guy has less than 90 days to grow some hair on his chin. Will he do it? We’ll see…

Some of these photoshopped pictures sure aren’t too bad to look at. *grins*

2 thoughts on “No beard no king?

  1. Excellent! So your new king will be crowned soon and all you worry about is if he must have a beard? I’m sorry, that sounds kind of weird lol The beard makes him hotter, I agree! But isn’t there more to a king than just his facial hair?

    1. He isn’t doing much except sitting on his throne while having Prime Minister and the voted political figures running the country for him. So he could at least grow a beard, to make him look “serious” aside from the fact that he’s nothing but a puppet on a string.

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