Yes!! A Long weekend! / Glitter Paint

Sometimes it helps to wishful think for something to happen. For instance, I wished for the week to fast forward towards the weekend and that my weekend would be longer. And yesterday evening after another day of working over time, my boss gave me a day off for today 🙂

Not that having a day off means I actually have nothing to do. Cause when else will I be able to arrange my private business during workdays? Things like going to the bank or making appointments with certain organisations can’t be done in weekends and so I had to fix all those things on my off day. Like, calling my job agency to tell ‘m they really need to check their administration some more… Cause those guys mess up A LOT on pay day…


Other than that, I was able to actually do some holiday shopping. Making sure all my loved ones will be receiving something nice under their tree.  Some things are really cute and awesome, I really look forward to see their faces when they unwrap their gifts. I’ve also treated myself on a few presents and wrapped them too. It’s fun to give yourself a present, it’s fun to treat yourself with something fun every now and then.

I rather do my holiday shopping a lil earlier. I hate to be in an overcrowded store with people going crazy at the discount department, fighting over some silly thing like I don’t know, a box of soap, chucking shoes at one another and what-not… (People go nuts when they’re doing their holiday shopping, it’s dangerous I tell ya!).


I think I’m almost set for the holidays now when it comes to the presents. Still need to think of a menu for when we have our Christmas dinner. At the company I work for they have a mayor discount on meat. Maybe some nice dish with lamb would be an interesting treat for christmas? Then again, we usually tend to go to church together as a family for Christmas. Indonesian churches always tend to serve very VERY tasty dishes during Christmas, so… I… Am still reconsidering that menu. Cause why cook when there’s free food for all at the church?


Yesterday I finally received the glitter paint which I ordered at a local hobby & crafts shop. This means I’ll be retouch some paintings and make a whole lot of new paintings with the glitter this weekend! Am soooo looking forward to it XD I know some say glitter paint is for kids but I’m a big kid at heart so booya! Besides, there are some awesome things you can do with glitter… And on the other hand I use basically anything liquid to paint with. The last painting I made last weekend, I used old nailpolish along with the normal paint I use. Why throw that shit away when it can be used to give an extra effect to my “artistic expressions”? Same goes for old lipgloss and other old junk I have laying about.

Speaking of recycling old junk, I’ve got enough empty cigarette packs stacking up on a pile to have creative moments with. I told a co worker at work about my lil project and he would help me save up more empty cigarette packs. I couldn’t help but chuckle about that offer.

I do smoke way too much… Especially when I see all those empty packs on a pile, knowing most of it are mine and just a few of ‘m are from other people..

Oh well…

I’ll try to actually put something online this weekend too, but I won’t make a promise just yet. Ya never know what might come to postpone it.

*yawn* This is getting boring already. I better go unpack my paint and get my paint on.

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