The Carrot Diet – update

Since about 3 months ago I started this carrot “diet”. I love carrots, they’re crunchy and sweet and are low in carbs. In my “diet” I try to replace all the snacks (candy, chips etc) with carrots. I’ve lost about 2 dress sizes in 2 months and have had a “stable” weight for the passed month. I can fit into my old skinny jeans again!

I do have to admit that I’ve sinned a few times, when it comes to eating snacks. Especially during movie night or game night it’s just too hard to lay off the popcorn and buckets of Ben & Jerry’s.

I did serve raw sliced carrots during the last movie night and it was a bug hit. The girls just couldn’t stop munching away on the slices! They were more appealing aparently than the chocolate cherry cake I had on the side 😛

This morning I was wondering what else I could try, along with the carrot diet. I’ve started to smoke more cigarettes, which does help with staying on a stable weight… I started eating breakfast again, too. I just eat soup in the mornings these days, it helps the bowels to get started up and what-not. And I already have an 8-hour full body work-out a day because of my job, plus the walking from work to home and back; so I do excersise.

Still though, it would be nice to wear that pretty purple skirt and jacket for christmas! Kind of like what this dude’s wearing, but then of course with a tighter skirt and some gorgeous stilleto boots! Aaah, he does wear it with flair, don’t he? 😛 ————————->

*ahum* anywayz…

Where was I? Oh right… The carrots…

So… Ehm…

And as I was looking for info to update my carrot diet, I stumbled upon a few sites and found a few interesting lil facts. Stuff that are quite obvious, really, but yeah… It’s always nice to find out your instincts are still functioning and that someone out there can confirm it. It’s nice to know you’re on the right track, ya know?

So… I’ll rush to work now. But before I go I’ll leave you with the info I stumbled upon online. It might convince you to try the carrot as well XD

3 facts I found about The Carrot Diet:

Carrot Diet – Natural Weight Loss Food

1. Rabbit Food – Now you know the secret behind the cute rabbits; it’s eating carrots! (Eventhough my own lil fuzzy bunnies refuse to munch on those orange crunchy things and they prefer the green part of it instead… They’re still the cutest ever, though!) The carotene rich vegetables cleans and helps in proper body functioning. It is an excellent immunomodulator. In terms of beta carotene concentrates, carrot is second to pepper.

2. Low Carb Diet – Contains 10% carbohydrates, vitamins A, D, E, K, PP, ascorbic acid, sterols and lecithin. The vitamins prevent the formation of the free radicals. Carotene is converted to vitamin A (antioxidant rich) with the help of liver enzymes.

3. Carrot For Heart – Prevents cardiovascular diseases, cataract, cancer and atherosclerosis. It contains iodine (brain food) and fiber that will help in bringing down fat.

Eating carrots for lunch and dinner will result in 3-4 kilos of easy weight loss. If you are planning to follow carrot diet, see to it that you include a couple of ingredients with carrots as it will balance nutrition.

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