Have I mentioned how much I love IndoMie?

I’m having some wonderful instant noodles from the brand IndoMie right now, with fresh veggies of course. I LOVE IT! I just love the Chicken Special Flavored instant noodles from this brand. I don’t eat pork, but I make an exception for the IndoMie version. YUM!

FYI: This is not a commercial; I just can’t help but express my love for this marvelous soup and I think that everyone should try it, if they haven’t already.
I mean, if you’re a lazy cook or just don’t know how to cook; this stuff is just perfect. It’s fast, easy to prepare and YUM!

I’m also loving the fried chicken I’m having on the side. FRIED CHICKEN IS YUM! OMG… Having the munchies… I apologize…. NOT XD

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