I love carrots. I can eat them all day. It’s my new diet. I try to replace all kind of snacks with a carrot. It works. I’ve been eating LOTS of carrots the passed week and lost 3 kilo already.

Carrots are the best. Have I mentioned already how much I love carrots? I LOVE CARROTS! YUM!. I like them raw the most. They are so juicy and crunchy. YUM! Whenever I got the munchies (been having a lot of those lately) I love the way the carrot crunches when I bite in it. SO GOOD!

Carrots are a healthier solution for those who like to have snack more than once a day.

It’s not just Carrots I use in my new diet though. It’s also cucumber (can eat an entire cucumber in one day) and a melon (either Cantaloupe. Honey or Galia). The cucumber is a little crunchy yet sooo juicy and refreshing. The Cantaloupe and Galia melon, especially when properly riped, are just soooooo addictive and sweet and juicy and… I’m craving a slice of Galia melon and a carrot right now.

I better go have some now.

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