3FM Living Things Streaming

Linkin Park posted this on Facebook earlier today:

Hey Holland! 3FM.nl is streaming LIVING THINGS in its entirety.
Listen to the exclusive stream at http://bit.ly/M8INOL.
LIVING THINGS will be released in The Netherlands on June 22nd.

Jumping around like a school girl right now!! I pre-orderd the Living Things album a few days ago already. I can’t wait for it to drop into my mailbox. Just look at the special countdown I put together on my blog. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME! JUST A FEW MORE DAYS TO GO!! I’m counting until the 26th, cause that’s when the album drops in the US I believe. We Dutch get to have the album a little earlier, which is nice XD Cause then it’s just ONE more day to go for me… ONE MORE DAY…!

This release day challenge is sooo…. Hard…. I almost sinned yesterday. I went to torrentz.eu to search for Linkin Park’s new album… And found it… It was SO hard not to download it already…. And to be completely honest… I did… I downloaded it yesterday! BUT, I haven’t listened to it yet! So I haven’t sinned completely… I still kept to myself to the bargain, cause I haven’t listened to it YET and I won’t listen to it untill the release date. I will wait, just as the challenge made me promise to do.

This may sound weird, but… It actually helps, knowing I got the files somewhere stashed away on an USB-sticky. It’s like having a pack of cigarettes stashed in my over sized bag, without lighting any of them at all. I am able to do that. I tend to not smoke at all for days now, if I have the strenght and enough distractions to keep me occupied.

And now Dutch radio station 3FM is STREAMING the album already? While it’s release date is set on the 22nd? AAAH! They are making up for not live  streaming Linkin Park during Pink Pop 2012 😛 Good for them, good for the fans, another sticky star for 3FM!

But still I know I can wait, wait until the day I have the physical album in my 2 hands. Wait, until the actual release day too. Cause wasn’t that the challenge? To wait until that day? It’s a tad confusing… Just a tad…

OMG, I’m SO gonna smash it, the CD, up and roll such a big fat joint of it when I do have it in my own 2 hands! WAHAAA! CAN’T WAIT!

For those living in Holland who can’t wait for the new Linkin Park album either, you can go to 3FM.nl. You may listen to it now: Living Things Streaming. Enjoy!

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