Dreamlog: 2015, February 1st

A New Home

houseI had a dream. I’ve had many vivid dreams before. Some of the dreams are quite ridiculous, really. But this one felt different.

This vivid dream, was about a house with a garden. A house, where a very tall dark man lived. I cannot see his face clearly, but he seems to be bald and has dark friendly eyes. He welcomes me and my family at the door with a big smile.

The tall dark man leads me and my family around his blissful house with beautiful wooden floors. There’s two bedrooms on the second floor and a luscious garden.

He invites us to sit with us at a dinner table, near the kitchen. The man smiles at us and says the house will be ours and that he would like to leave a lot of stuff behind for us. But only if we were willing to make it a house of prayer. And, my family and I would have to be patient, work hard and save money until that day comes.

After that, the man left us. And then I woke up. That’s my dream in a nutshell.

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