Gatsie… and Such


The comic Gatsie and Such has undergone a face-lift and new episodes will be view-able here: Gatsie.. And such.


A lil’ background info:

Read about the silly day-to-day “adventures “of Gatsie and her crazy friends.  The comic is created with and was originally made in Dutch, but now available also in English for all you lucky bastards!

Click on the thumbnails to view each episode in it’s full glory. Newer episodes are listed on the top of the list.


10 thoughts on “Gatsie… and Such

    1. 2nd episode? that one was untranslatable I’m afraid. making word jokes about a “CV’ in English don’t really make sense, ya’know…

  1. Apa kabar!!! ? Sorry I have no comment long time. I read many time, but busy much.

    Comic gets better! I have one queston? Why is no episode 2? Mistake?

    Slem slem!

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