Daily writing prompt
What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

I don’t have that much money, but boy do I own a lot of things. Which of these personal belonings do I hold dear the most?

I think of the many clothes I have. The way too many shoes. My ongrowing collection of Funko Pops. If the world would end tomorrow, would these be the items I’d worry about?

I think of my mobile phone. Grants access to the internet, to your contacts and can function as a personal assistent. It seems almost unrealistic to live without one. A mini computer right in your hand.

I think of my computer, such a nifty machine. It grants me the ability to play my favorite video games such as Grounded, Horizon Zero Dawn and Fable with ease. All that, while running Photoshop in the background.

Would a world without these belongings be too hard to bear? I’m not so sure. Nothing is forever. All things come to an end. At the end of the day, the most precious thing is life itself, the loved ones we get to share this life with and the memories we get to make.

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