Ramblings on a Wednesday: My 2nd shot

Sunday I went to the capital city for my 2nd vaccination. Because a lot of big indoor events either are getting postponed or canceled, one of the big events venues in the capital city has been transformed into a vacination center.

When I went there for my 1st shot about 5 weeks ago, there was a very long waiting line. It was quire ironic to be waiting inline at the same events venue where I had seen my favorite musicans perform live. It took me about 2 hours that day to get through the waiting line and finally have the nurse inject that Pfizer vaccine in my arm.

This time it was different. There was hardly a waiting line. I walked into the venue and barely 30 minutes later I was already shot and done for.

Things can finally get a little back to normal for me too now. Whatever normal is, of course. I’m so looking forward to doing more things outside my home now. Like, maybe get rid of some of the pandemic kilos that I had gained throughout the passed 2 years. I have even signed up for the gym. Now all I need to do is to get my ass over there.

But first, I better go do my work. There’s always tomorrow.

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