My skin is shedding! It’s my own fault, I forgot to put on sunscreen last week when I was sunbathing. The last time I had a sunburn was when I was a kid. How in the world am I going to fix this?

“What to do against shedding skin” I type into the search engine. There’s about 15.200.000 results with all sorts of websites that claim to have best advice. Some are rather curious, but there is one that catches my eye; the advice to KEEP IT COOL!

Keep it cool? How do I keep it cool? Maybe some ice? Or maybe a frozen popsicle! Would red wine with ice cubes do? Red wine with a frozen popsicle, that actually sounds pretty darned good. A cold shower would probably help too. Maybe I should try moisturizing my skin with some more lotion? Or maybe I should try sitting in a cool box filled with ice?

Sunburnt. That’s anything but cool. Hope it’ll go away soon.

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