Brainfarts: What if?

Time moves so fast and yet so slow at the same time. As a child, you feel like things can go on forever. There is no limit to your imagination, your dreams and for the most part it’s a care free ride. 

Maybe you enjoyed playing outside with friends as a kid. Climbing trees. Building castles in the sand. Playing with sticks and rocks, pretending to be pirates and princesses, running around the neighborhood hunting for treasures and fighting monsters. Ah, to be a kid again.

“What would you like to be when you grow up?” A question so familiar. As a child growing up, everyone has had this question asked to them numerous times. 

As a kid, what exactly do you know about the future? Is it possible to plan your life ahead like that and to actually grow up to be just what you had imagined as a kid? What if you just have no clue what you want to be, where you want to be or what you want to do in your life? 

Some kids say they want to become a doctor, become a professional athlete, an artist either in music or visual arts or maybe even a politician. But how many of those kids actually reach that supposed dream goal? How many of us grow up doing something they never imagined doing as a child? 

Who would have imagined that they’d end up working in an office, in a cubicle having to help several strangers on the phone with a maximum time limit of 5 minutes per call? Who would have imagined that they’d end up cleaning other people’s houses for a living? Who would have imagined that they’d end up in a factory working at an assembly line packing thousands of consumables? 

What if life just isn’t as predictable as we think it is? Life, with its ups and downs and hills and valleys. We choose a road to follow and somehow end up sidetracked and in the end we find ourselves at a destination that might be far different from what we thought it out to be. 

Disappointed in the situation faced at the moment, which is not entirely as imagined way back when life was but a dream. Depression dips in. Motivation fades.. As fun as it is to have imagination and to have dreams and goals, it can also make one feel restricted. Clinging onto things that seem so far out of reach. It can give sadness instead of the happiness one really desires.

Not saying that it’s wrong to dream. Not saying that it’s wrong to have goals. Not saying anything, not anything at all. But what if. Oh what if life is like the wind? It flows the way it flows. Sometimes it brings clouds and rain, sometimes it brings warmth. What if we need to accept that it is just what it is? What if we learn to accept to let go of self and let go of what was and just go with the flow? 

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