Marching into another month

The monthly air alarm has echoed throughout the streets, as is tradition here in the land of windmills and wooden shoes. A new month has begun. It is Monday. It is March 1st 2021 and it is 12:00pm, noon.

It has been a year since the corona pandemic. A year since governments implemented strict laws and regulations to protect the people against the corona virus. It has been a year since we are supposed to wear facemasks wherever we go, to not shake hands with others let alone come closer than 1.5 meters with others. Retirement homes are cut off from society completely, with lonely elderly becoming even more lonely. The grocery store is the only place to go shopping, all other stores are closed.

This zombie apocalypse sure has turned out different than expected. 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

So what will be marching into, in the month of March? More of the same? Or is there room for change? Well, here’s a little snippet taken from the website of the Dutch government;

The coronavirus measures are testing everyone’s resilience, both physically and mentally. The longer the crisis continues, the more difficult it becomes for everyone. Now that a year has passed, the pandemic’s social and economic effects are mounting dramatically.

The lockdown and evening curfew will remain in force at least up to and including 15 March. In addition, from 3 March the government will relax the lockdown in the following ways: young people aged 26 and below will be able to train together outside at sports facilities again; contact-based professions can be practised again; and retailers may open for shopping by appointment.

Source: Dutch Government Website.

So, in other words, another promising month, another promising continuation of this wonderful corona pandemic. Have yourself a lovely post apocalyptic day on this 1st day of March!

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