Corona corona, can’t wait til it’s over..

That corona test is just such a fun experience. Who doesn’t enjoy penetration in the nose and mouth? Such a swell experience each time!

A friend of mine works at a clinic. The poor guy can’t work from home. So, he has to get tested at least once a month, just to make sure that he and his family and the people in his direct environment are Corona safe.

My Indonesian church stopped having public services on Sunday a few weeks ago. All convinced that they were somehow immune to the virus. Reluctant to let go of Indonesian tradition; churching together means eating together too. Which is great, under normal circumstances before the Corona madness. But guess what? The Indonesian lady who always cooks for church turned out to be Corona positive. She had Covid19 and had been cooking meals for church….

The one day that I had to go back to the office, having been working from home since February, I met a few coworkers who later turned out to be Corona positive.

So… Guess who literally physically hasn’t left the house since October? This hermit, yup.

Covid19 test for me turned out negative. But decided to have blood tests too. Turns out I am low on vitamin B12, vitamin D and that my thyroids have lost the will to function properly…

My doctor said this could be a side effect due to the partial lockdown and being indoors most of the year. Lack of sunlight and fresh air and stuff like that…

Stay home and stay safe sure becomes a weird phrase, if you think of it that way.

Oh Corona, Corona… I can’t wait for it to be over.

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