Staying home

Mass hysteria since Corona Virus has spread here in Europe. The land of wooden shoes is going on lockdown until begin of April.

Events with more than 100 people are forbidden. Sunday allot of churches canceled their service, or have their service available via livestreaming.

Concerts are postponed or canceled. No sport events. I was so looking forward to Papa Roach and Hollywood undead live. But thankfully they are going to try find another date for the show.

People are stocking up on canned foods, toilet paper and soap. Super markets have a time trying to restock. I was laughing the other day when I saw all the empty shelves…

The company I work for, provides health care and therefor cannot go on lockdown. But those who feel sick are supposed to work from home. I do not mind. Working from home is the best.

Seriously, this is the best for an introvert!

Thankfully I am a hoarder and I have enough tissues and soap for months to come.

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