Ciara is coming to The Netherlands….

This is a map of The Netherlands. Everything in the red zone will experience winds with strenght and speed of 100 to 120 km per hour. The purple area will have even stronger winds.

This Sunday, I was supposed to go to Rotterdam, which is located midwest near the shore in the purple area of the map.

The Church in Rotterdam was going to have a special youth service today. They had asked me to be their worship leader. It was going to be an exciting event for young people from the Baby Boomers, Millenials to the Generation Z kids.

I usually serve in the Church in Amsterdam and have not served in Rotterdam for a few years. The Church in Amsterdam doesnt have that many active young people. Most of them only seem to want to make selfies all the time. So I was excited to go to Rotterdam. Excited to see kids who seem more motivated.

Yesterday the Church in Rotterdam informed me that due to the expected heavy storm, they are forced to cancel their Sunday service.

Meanwhile, I have tried to get a hold of my dad. He lives in the North of the country, also the purple area on the map. My dad has issues with his mobile phone, he doesnt seem to hear me when I call. I have sent him text messages too.

This is the road my dad has to cross to be able to reach grandmother’s retirment home.

Dad usually crosses the water to the little red island on the map by car, to be able to reach grandmother’s retirment home. Because of the heavy storm, this is a very dangerous route. Big heavy trucks have been blown off the road before on this route.

My…. I sure hope dad decides not to drive today. But he is a #stubbornbabyboomer.

My mother is planning to go to The Hague today. The Hague is a city, also located in the midwest purple area… She is asked to serve in a Church there.

With the heavy storm, public transportation might cancel a few of their routes. I kind of hope so. It will also be dangerous for mom to go to the most windy part of the counrty. She might get stuck somewhere, if due to the weather a train decides to discontinue its track midway…

But thus far, it looks like mom is still planning to go to The Hague. Because she too is a #stubbornbabyboomer.

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