Healthy dinner…

“So, what’s for dinner?” Asked my new coworker, who clearly hasnt noticed that I don’t socialize with anyone, except clients because it is part of the job to actually answer the phone.

After long thinking, my answer was; “Something simple.” I was about to walk away when my new coworker said; “My mom can cook authentic Indonesian food. If you want she can deliver it to your house. She has a lot of pre-made food in the fridge.

Now I dont want to be racist, but my partly Indonesian heart felt a lil sceptic. Sceptic; I can’t picture a white woman to cook up an authentic Indonesian meal the way that my own Indonesian mom or Indonesian aunts could.

And I felt a tad offended, because I’m partly Indonesian and can cook up my own Indonesian meal too. I dont need no white lady to pull it out the fridge for me!

But I smiled, thanked the coworker and walked away.

Then at home I made myself a nice healthy dinner; a salade.

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