Typical Monday Blues

After a hectic weekend, it once again is time for another Monday blues.

In disbelief, the blues actually sets in the night before Monday. Toss and turn in bed, hopping it will chase away the bad vibes. But Monday will not be chased away and is here to stay.

Even if you would skip the Monday. That same old blues will just linger and infect Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too. And, in some cases, your weekend might also be tainted with that same blues. The bad vibes blues; the welcome-to-adulting blues, the work-it-work-it+bills+bills+bills blues.

It can’t be helped. There is no other way. You just learn to accept that, day by day. Some days better than other days. There is no choice. The only choice to choose, is try to enjoy the blues. And to just keep swimming, preferably in coffee.

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