My apologies for the incoherent ramblings and whining that Will follow. I also apologies for my unneeded capitals, I blame IT on autocorrect and my lack of Will to want to fix IT.

Is it Just me or did those December holidays pass by faster than the speed of light? Man…. It is like I went to bed at age too-fresh-too-stress, ended up in a coma and Just now woke up at wtf-fml… Was it not only yesterday that I had drunken hope for my adult alter-ego to get better at adulting?

Holy cantalupe… I’ve called in sick from work on old years day and am really in battle with myself whether I should extend it for another Day of two. Because I am afraid I might Just go crazy, I might strangle a coworker or a customer.

And why is that? No Idea!

Part of me doesn’t want to interact with other human beings. Part of me feels really lonely. Part of me feels empty…. Part of me longs to set the world on fire. Part of me doesn’t feel like getting out of bed. Part of me feels silly for feeling like this… Wtf is wrong with me…?

Annoying.. Is anybody else going through some weird crazy in the head struggles these first days of the year 2019?

God help me…

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