Back to life, back to reality….?

It has been a week since my trip to Indonesia. Thankfully I convinced my Boss to give me an extra week off. Hoping I would get passed the jetlag and the different weather. Because well, a 14 hour flight can be tiring. And holy crap, it was 35 Celcius in Jakarta and here it is friggin 10 Celcius! OMG, so so coooold….! And I know it will only get colder… Winter is coming…

Yesterday I went to see my 96 year old grandmother, who surfers from Alzheimer. My brother and father kept me posted on her condition while I was abroad. Appartently she was sick with the flu and was unable to get out of bed for the whole month. I felt a little bit guilty even, for being so far away. But thankfully the power of prayer can work beyond the distance. Because yesterday when I came to visit, grandmother was in the exact state she was in when I left a month ago; sitting up right, dressed in her fancy clothes while enjoying a meal with her fellow housemates in the retirement home.

Today I will visit her again. And after that it is time to meet up with my Indonesian church family in the capitol city of this little froggy country… Which I somewhat don’t look forward to. But, it will be the next best thing until I have a chance to get back Indonesia… And perhaps it will be good..

Tomorrow starts my first workday since my trip. A lot has changed at work, so my workfriends informed me. So some church time to prep for whatever tomorrow brings is maybe good.

But first… I need to finish my boring breakfast…

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