Been far far and away

I’ve spent a month in Indonesia, the country where my mother was born. It was a surreal experience. An emotional rollercoaster, confusing and breath taking. Indonesia is such a beautiful country with  beautiful nature views; the forests, the mountains, the seas…. It is all just wonderful.

Indonesia is basically a country with thousands of islands. To explore just one of those islands would probably take years. We decided to just explore a few sites. So on the island Sulawesi Utara we visited Manado, Tomohon, Tondano, Airmadidi, Kinaari Resort and a few mountain villages that I forgot the names of. And then on the island Java, we visited Jakarta, JogJakarta, Bandung, Purworedjo. Roughly a few days per surroundings.

And there’s just so much good food. I’m a pescetarian; a vegetarian who also eats fish and some dairy products… Back home, people would tease me that I would have nothing to eat in Indonesia because of there’s so many great authentic Indonesian foods that contain meat. But, the country is rich in lots of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables as well. And the fresh fish is also to die for.

What made it kind of awkward for me to be in Indonesia, was the fact that on sight they treat me like I’m a rich foreigner. At some places like the famous Borobudur I even had to pay 10 times the normal price, because I don’t look like an Asian person… Which pissed me off a bit. Sure, the Indonesian Rupiah is not worth much in comparison to the Euro or the Dollar, but as a principal matter it is just unfair to have double standards like that. It’s discrimination, really.

That kind of bummed me out. There’s a lot of local people out there who want to try and take advantage of tourists, because they assume that the tourists don’t speak the language. That, and the fact that whenever I entered a street, a mall or whatever there were always people staring or they would yell out “Look, it’s a foreigner!” Yeah… That was…. Something…

The funny part is that my understanding of Bahasa Indonesia has developed more since my stay in the country. Made it clear to a lot of locals that just because I look different doesn’t mean I’m stupid. And it’s funny how people will suddenly then become “buddy-buddy” because they discover you can actually tell when they’re talking shit through their teeth…

Oh well. There’s good and bad things to every situation.

A month goes by so fast. I’ve been living up to this trip for months and months. And it just flew by. I actually cried a little when I had to board the plane and left Soekarno-Hatta airport.

Indonesia, we have unfinished business. I will be back for another!



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