New phone

My previous smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy J3. Not a bad phone really. But rather old. It wasn’t able to update proper and certain apps would just spaz out.

At one point I deleted most of the apps and even had to get rid of the WordPress App. I was unable to post any random crap on here .

So yeah…. It was time to get a new phone.

Finding a new phone light be easy for most people, but I somehow struggled with choosing nu next high-tech device. I didn’t want another Samsung and sure was not going to rip out a lung to be able to afford an iPhone.

After checking out numerous smartphone gurus on the world wide interwebs for what seemed like forever, I managed to come toa decision. Yesterday, my new phone was finally delivered. I ended up buying myself a Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia 7 Plus caught my curiosity the moment I that the phone had Android One. Which is a minimal OS with hardly any unwanted preinstalled apps. Setting up my new Nokia was just easy peazy. The battery supposedly doesn’t neef charging for 2 days.

OMG, I just love my new phone!

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