OMG, Eminem was on fire!!

My brother and I went to see the Eminem Revival Tour in Nijmegen. The concert was held at Goffertpark, an area perfect for festivals or big events. And what could be a bigger event than a football field filled with thousands of Stans?

Because my brother and I aren’t that familair in Nijmegen, we figured to book a hotel there so we could navigate from there to Eminem’s show. The morning of the concert we found out that finding our way to the concert wasn’t difficult at all. All we had to do is just follow the ongoing stream of thousands and thousands of Stans that had took over the city of Nijmegen.

The last time the real Slim Shady did a show in this little country known for wooden shoes and windmills was 15 years ago. My bro and I were just kids then… Some of the Stans that were terrorizing Nijmegen that day, weren’t even born when Eminem did his show in Amsterdam 15 years ago! But man, was it worth the wait!

It was a hot sunny day. I think the hottest day til yet, in Dutch terms at least. Many Stans were turning red. Thank goodness the festival area is surrounded by trees. Along with a few other clever Stans, my brother and I decided to enjoy the shadows of these trees as much as possible. Or at least until the gates of the festival area would open.

There were 2 supporting acts opening for Eminem. The 1st was Royce Da 5.9, followed by 2Chains. I personally could’ve appreciates just Royce Da 5.9 to open. An underrated rapper with mad skills and despite of the Dutch summer heat, he still managed to keep the crowd awake. But 2Chains… Let’s just say his DJ was a lot more fun without the rapper.

Then finally came the man all Stans had been risking sun burn for. A hilarious short video portrayed a giant Eminem causing mahem. Fireworks. And then: Complete with a full live band, back-up singers, the underrated Skylar Grey and Kon Artis.

Everything about the show was just perfect and the thousands of Stans were loving it. What a great show! The thousands of Stans were singing along as one voice. Great stage presence, great energy, great setlist with classics but also the new stuff off the Revival album. I personally think that the new songs sound brilliant in a live setting. Maybe even better than on the Revival album. It was all just so awesome, so good!

What I absolutely loved was the fact that Eminem brought a whole live band to the stage. Complete with a violinist, a keyboardist, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer and a DJ. It gave an extra dimension to the live experience. And even when I wasn’t able to see everything as great because my brother and I were stuck somewhere in the middle, we could hear everything loud and clear and with a live band that’s just so much more interesting than when a DJ pops on a record…

Apart from being squashed and bruised while being surrounded by thousands of random Stans, my bro and I loved every minute of the show! I’m kind of bummed out that I was unable to make hardly any decent pictures. Here’s hoping Eminem decides to bring out a live DVD of this tour. I would definitely want to relive this Revival Tour again.

My God, was Eminem on fire!


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