Hoping for some couch potato time

Today is Saturday. Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to lay in my bed. Don’t feel like socializing much. All I want to do is sit around the house, maybe drown a few sims or watch a few random cartoons.

Maybe I’ll drink some cheap wine. Maybe every now and then an attempt to take in some fresh air and catch some sun-rays in my overgrown garden.

There is a movie night scheduled with friends later this evening. But setting up plans with these people is always quite a hassle. More often than not, either of these friends tend to cancel on the day of the event.

With the busy lifestyle of a supposedly adult individual it is quite a trick to be able to squeeze in anything fun with supposed friends in the tight agenda called life. Sometimes a date was picked months ahead of time still there will be a 50/50 chance for it to be canceled. Usually the week of the supposed fun day, either of us will raise the question if everyone is still able to make it for the “fun event”. And then usually a day before or even on the day of the actual “fun event”, someone will come with a lame excuse as to why they cannot come to the event.

At first I would get disappointed whenever the fun plans would get canceled. There was a time when I was actually looking forward to do something fun with these people.

Sometimes they would have the nerve to cancel on me only a few hours before. It would piss me off a bit. Especially because it happens quite often. There is so much else I could’ve done that day. I could’ve gone and met up with family, hang out with folks from church or meet up with other friends who rarely cancel on me.

These days I kind of dread hanging out with these supposed friends. Perhaps I should just not plan fun dates with them anymore. It would make things less annoying. But instead, I end up booking a movie night with these supposed friends that seem as “enthusiastic” about it as I am. Honestly; None of these friends seem eager enough to meet up, really. Why we even schedule these supposed fun dates that are going to be canceled anyways used to be a bit of a mystery to me.

Now, I am actually hoping for either of my so-called friends to cancel. Because if they cancel, I can just stay home and have some good old couch potato time all by myself! Perhaps these dates that we schedule in, supposedly to plan a fun night at the movies, is solely meant to be canceled. To have an excuse to lay around the house instead.

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