Sitting around

It is Friday. I have a day off, which means an extended weekend of sitting around and taking it easy. And honestly, I do not mind for one bit.

The buses are on strike here since Wednesday. I had to walk to and from work the passed few days. Which was actually quite nice. I should walk more often. It is a nice way to start a day. It provides a chance to clear the head. It provides the chance to explore thoughts. It is so nice.

Today I have a day off, so I sit around in my overgrown garden. Wild flowers dancing in the wind. A gentle breeze blows through my toes. The hot sun warms up my skin. Summer actually feels like summer.

And it is ooh soo good. Life is oh so good. Gratefulnes for the little things brings great joy. God is oh so good.

Enjoy your days on this crazy earth as much as you can, my lurking friend. Life is oh so good.

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