Mike Shinoda – Post Traumatic


Hey there lurking lurker! Wassup? I’ve been getting worried messages that people think something’s wrong because my online presence is…. Very minimal at the moment… By the way, is it me or is this gif of Mike shinoda with itty-bitty hands just a tad scary?

But no worries my dear lurkers. All is perfectly fine. Yup…. Just been busy a lot with adulting the adult life. Always on the go, you know how it goes. Working 5 and sometimes 6 days a week, visiting family and trying to have a social life. Yup. It’s all: Work-work-work-work-work-social life-work-work-work-work-work-social life-work-work-work and…. well I guess you get it, right? It’s just really busy. And doesn’t Mike with his blond hair just look fabulous, btw?


Speaking of Mike, have you guys heard his new album yet? I have.

And…. Eh…. Yeah… What to say? You know what I think of this shit, right? It’s not a secret. Those lurkers who’ve been lurking from the way-way-way beginning of this poor excuse of a blog know what I think of this shit. Yeah… So what is there left to say? This shit right here… Well….

Allow me to fan-girl for a second or two… Better yet, make that a poor excuse of a lifetime…

Well this is just… Wow… Holy cannoli. Words fall short. This morning I woke up so happy to know that Mike Shinoda’s brand new solo album is out in stores and available on every possible audio platform. And oh my goodness! This album is just the best thing ever. I can’t stop listening to it. It was such a treat to have this album blasting through my headphones to help me get mentally prepared for work. I’ve been listening to the songs that were already available on repeat for weeks and weeks and now this album, just… It is just so amazing!

With this brilliant album, Shinoda’s showcasting his skills as a producer, as a rapper, as a singer, a lyricist and an overall musician. A rollercoaster of feels. Word for word, beat for beat basically describing what a whole lot of us in the LP family have been feeling since the passed 11 months… Mike Shinoda is owning it like there never was any other owner. He can serve it all and it is all good. It is all oh soo soo goodd. Holy cannoli and dem apples…. It is the best thing since shrimp fried rice. Hot dangit.

And I think I’m not the only one adoring every second of the album. I was just taking a glance at my favorite online store and discovered that Mike Shinoda’s Post Traumatic is actually sold out! I’m sure they’ll restock soon, though.

So hey you! Who? You! Yeah you, you staring at these random ramblings and scribblings. You know what this means? You should go get your own fresh copy of the album right now. Yeah, you should go and get it now! Mike Shinoda rocks. Nothing but respect here.

On a side note…. By the way; I miss Boris McShinodasock.

On another side note; I am sorry that I suck at writing reviews. But in all unbiased honest;, Mike Shinoda’s new album is worth a spin.


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