Sunny days

It’s been nice and sunny this week. Weather for a thin summer jacket, though some even dare to just stroll the streets without one. Yeah, it was nice.

Looking forward for a few days off that started this Friday and will end on Monday. A long weekend filled with sunny days. Yay!

Tomorrow another co-worker will have a goodbye party. We will have drinks together at a local bar. A nice person with a strong mind of her own she is. Not liked by everyone, but I liked her. She is one of those people who will just say what she thinks. During the months that we worked together, we had some memorable chats and I think I will miss her a bit too.

And then it will be Sunday again. Busy busy busy but in a nice way. From family get-togethers to church gatherings. All nice. And all activities hopefully will be accompanied with sunny weather.

Grateful for these sunny days. Enjoying them as much as possible. For in this land of wooden shoes and windmills it can be over before you blink your eyes.

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