The story of Easter

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son.

– John 3:16

itisfinished[tagged]We’re entering Easter weekend. In the land of wooden shoes a lot of governmental institutions are closed until Tuesday. Banks are closed too. For a lot of people, this Easter weekend is just a long weekend, a holiday to indulge on chocolate eggs and lazy butting.

But there is more to it. For us Christians it is the most important holiday. It is more important than Christmas, even.

Today is Good Friday. On this day, we Christians remember the sacrifice made by Christ for you and I. For on this day, 2000 years ago, Christ was crucified and died on the hill of Calvary. He lived and died and then on Easter Sunday, 3 days later, He defeated death and rose from the grave.

In honor of this special weekend, I will bomb this blog with several nifty interweb treasures revolving Easter, telling the story of Christ. This is my way of representing for Him Who gave it all for me.

Have a blessed Easter weekend and may you the good Lord bless you and your loved ones.

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